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Patient Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that I have taken advantage of signing up for “My Chart” but, much more importantly, I wanted to let everyone in the office know how very much I enjoyed today’s visit with DrKathik Kanagarajan, Nicole Mullins, CNP and Daniel Seminatore. As I have gotten older, I have the opportunity to visit a great many medical offices. Of all that I have visited in my seven years in the Cincinnati area, I have never experienced a more pleasant doctor’s office visit. Everyone was exceedingly polite, courteous and kind; thoroughly professional without any accompanying “heaviness”. My machine actually works properly for the first time in three years. I can honestly say I found a “medical” place in which I feel comfortable and that I look forward to visiting again. My words do not express the enthusiastic recounting of my visit that I had with my wife when I got home. I sure didn’t realize how much time you all spent with me until she asked me “What took so long??”

Once again, thank you for being what everyone hopes for when they visit a new doctor for the first time!

John P

After a variety of medications, inhalers, oxygen and nebulizers (and some time with a voice therapist) for asthma, Dr. Schmitt said there was nothing left that he could offer EXCEPT BronchialThermoplasty.. I have completed the third and final procedure and this has turned out to be the best thing in helping to manage my asthma.
Everyone from Dr. Christopher Schmitt and his staff to The Christ Hospital Lung Procedure Unit have offered me gentle hands, caring ways, talent and expertise during this time. In gratitude,