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Spotlight on Health This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, those with lung diseases are at a higher risk of illness than any other time of the year. Research has found hospital admissions increase about 44% during the holiday season.

Tri-State Pulmonary Physicians recommend these tips to help you have a joyous and healthy holiday season:

  • Prevent infection by washing your hands frequently. Hands should be lathered with soap and water and scrubbed for 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers are an effective way to clean hands if rubbed into the hands until dry.
  • Get vaccinated. Talk to your primary care physician about getting the flu and pneumonia vaccination and limit exposure to those who are ill.
  • Limit exposure to smoke, scents and fumes. Litcandles and holiday scents are popular during the holiday season but can aggravate lung conditions and symptoms.
  • Take your Medications as prescribed by your doctors. Create a system that helps you remember when and how much medication to use. Call the office if you have questions about your medications.
  • Practice pursed lip breathing. It will decrease shortness of breath during activity and will also help decrease stress!
  • Stay warm when going outside. Cover your mouth and nose when it is cold outside.
  • Relax and enjoy family and friends during this season of joy!